Client Libraries

Is the information in this table out-of-date? Are you using one of these client libraries in production? Tell us about it on the mailing list or Twitter @imsnakes / @jehiah.

Name Language SUB PUB Discovery Backoff TLS Snappy Sampling AUTH Notes
nsqd HTTP built-in
go-nsq Go official
pynsq Python official
nsqjs JavaScript official
elixir_nsq Elixir
ensq Erlang
nsq-j Java
JavaNSQClient Java
TrendrrNSQClient Java
nsqjava Java
nsq.js JavaScript
node-nsqueue JavaScript
knsq Kotlin
NsqSharp .NET
php-nsq PHP
phpnsq PHP
nsqphp PHP
nsq-py Python
gnsq Python
krakow Ruby
ruby_nsq Ruby
evnsq C++
libnsq C official
hsnsq Haskell
nsq-java Java
nsq-client JavaScript
perl-anyevent-nsq Perl
NsqSpinner Python
nsq-ruby Ruby
uvnsq C++11
nsq-clojure Clojure
nsqie Scala
nodensq JavaScript
nsqueue Rust
asyncnsq Python
nsq-ocaml OCaml
node-red-contrib-nsq NodeRED Nodes
asyncnsq Rust
tokio-nsq Rust
ansq Python